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SGS Convent School : Every February of the Year we celebrate Anniversary of school and the cultural programs also been conducted by our school children.
We organized inter School competition “Pratibha Puraskar “ where 14 schools were participated.

  • The Independence Day Celebration
    The programme was conducted in the auditorium of the school. More+
  • Teachers' Day Celebration
    5th of September, 2014 dawned bright and clear after a hint of a... More+
  • District level Science Exhibition
    The Department of Science, Karnataka State conducted District level Science Exhibition in our School. More+

About SGS school

The institute is committed to the challenging task of development of education by preparing in highly sophisticated field of Development of India as an emerging industrial power is a demanding exercise as it involves the combination of cost effectiveness and efficiency along with producing world-class technology at the cutting edge. For about five years we have been doing it with sincerity and commitment at Shree Guru Sangameshwar Higher Primary School.

Shree Guru Sangameshwar Higher Primary School is a unique co-educational school, as it combines contemporary and conventional methods in a flexible manner according to the age and aptitude of the child. It is situated in Ram Nagar Kalaburgi. The Institution aspires to run along the lines of best in the world education and become a world-class institution where teaching-learning process gets a far deeper meaning.


Shree Guru Sangameshwar Higher Primary School motto is Simplicity of Life, Directness of Purpose, and Self-Reliance. To be one of the most progressive and innovative Knowledge. These values shape how we run the school and how we live our lives. They affect how we see the world and how we teach our students about it. They ground us in the important things like friends and family, hard work, and honesty. They remind us that spiritual understanding and growth necessary to know one-self and to know one’s path. Our guiding words prompt us to be self-sufficient and as you’ll see when you come to Shree Guru Sangameshwar Higher Primary School, we instill this in our students at every turn. We reward self motivation and initiative. If students want to start a new an Independent Study Project, we’ll assist and applaud them. It may be surprising, given how intelligent and ambitious our students are, but you’ll find that we all work together here. Students don’t have a sense of competing against each other; they feel they’re on the same team.


Shree Guru Sangameshwar Higher Primary School recognizes that a student's horizon is unlimited. The School crosses all national vision boundaries and uses international methods of teaching to enable them to be exuberant, confident, aspiring and well adjusted individuals in their chosen vocation. Every student is motivated towards self-directed learning that shall ensure lifetime success. It is true that the future of our country is shaped in the classrooms of today. Shree Guru Sangameshwar Higher Primary School envisages to train its students in values that are often found conspicuously missing in society at large. Children with an Shree Guru Sangameshwar Higher Primary School and welfare society will learn to identify these weaknesses in our value-system and will be trained to cope up with a positive attitude.


We try to live out our mission and test our success in doing so on a regular basis. So what does it mean and what does it feel like here, if you are a visitor to the school, a family considering enrolling your children here, or, indeed, a student here now? The school welcomes students with moderate learning difficulties, in other words, students with special educational needs, provided that it is able to meet these needs and can enable each student to have the chance to fulfill their potential. The Student Support Services team of the School works collaboratively with other team members, class teachers, specialist teachers, teaching assistants and parents to support learning and emotional needs of students. The team members help students through the use of variety of strategies. They work together to ensure that the individual needs of each student are met. These support services support school programmes and to enhance student opportunities for learning. The services are designed to assist students both in managing curriculum requirements and in participating fully in school life. students with learning difficulties opt for fewer subjects and their extra time is used for individual support. Students in Primary and Middle school are supported in class by the special needs teacher. The SEN (Special Education Needs) teachers help the other teachers to in differentiating instructions. Students participating in competition or any other exam are given examination support depending on their needs and subject to the approval of the examination board. The mainstream teachers, parents and administrators are invited for the meeting to contribute to the students’ plan. A copy of these plans is given to concerned teachers and parents and the original is filed in the students’ folders maintained by the SEN department. Our Mission is to prepare students for college and for life with a rigorous and comprehensive program. We teach those who strive to grow, nurture striving where it falters, foster academic excellence, and promote understanding of and respect for one another’s beliefs and differences.


To create a path-breaking educational institution that keeps pace with the rapid strides being made in the field of knowledge. That provides perceptive teaching that awakens the creative and leaderships skills dormant in every individual. That provides opportunities for every student to excel in a whole range of extra-curricular activities.

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